Dollywood’s 2014 Expansion

Over the past few days, Dollywood has been teasing its fans with little tidbits of information about the 2014-season park addition. At this point, not much is known, but on August 21st, there will be a LiveStream event announcing their plans. Check back here daily for the latest clue!

Clues revealed:
-Aug. 5: “Express”
-Aug. 6: “in 2014″
-Aug. 7: “make Dollywood”
-Aug. 8: “thanks to”
-Aug. 9: “ultimate”
-Aug. 10: “beautiful”
-Aug. 11: “new”
-Aug. 12: “and my”
-Aug. 13: “thrilling”
-Aug. 14: “family”
-Aug. 15: “Dollywood’s”
-Aug. 16: “opening”
-Aug. 17: “vacation”
-Aug. 18: “in 2015″
-Aug. 19: “destination”
-Aug. 20: “dual-launch”
-Aug. 21: “your”

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